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I thought I was a fool for no one
But ooh, baby I'm a fool for you

summer - ive had the best weekend and it's still going. went out on friday night - party was shit but still a good night. saturday night was mean had fun with b, k and j with a bbq and drinks then we all got ready and went to this party that we didnt really know that much about (like who was going etc) when we got there it was still early and we were worried itd be a downer but people turned up so it was ALLGOOD. id say 60 , 80ish which is pretty sweet. never beats lex's though. easy 500 haha. yay for house parties. had to mish it home with some people i didnt know. lcky my mate did. was a good as end to the night: they had a sunroof and loud loud loud music.

enough said.

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