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bdo: best day
passion pit had the best vibes, very fun live - i was surprised. the temper trap lead was good live.. but passion pit was better imo. dizee was disappointing and we left before he played bonkers and holiday (the only songs we knew)if we stayed i assume we would have had a better time. when kidz in space played downtime, j and i rapped the whole song with them.. defs a high point. haha calvin harris was very goood. but being in the boiler room is good whoever is playing haha. jet was pretty mean - are you gonna be my girl was the best. LADYHAWKE was so fucking amazing, knowing all the words to each song made it even better, i could go home after seeing her.. but we didnt. next favourite was groove armada - werent too familiar with their stuff but it was insane. i couldnt move i swear the whole crowd jumping was pulling me up with them! muse was intense and defs as good as i expected, their performance was one of the best. aaaah so yeah! worth every moment of feeling sweaty and like i was gona pass out and being surrounded by drunk people and 40 year old stoners blazing up in the mosh.

sorry just wanted to spew it all up..

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