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we had this inspiring speech guy come on our camp. and he said that we have negative ideas about people or things because of what we connect it to, or remember it as something bad or hurtful etc. for example, you may hate bussing, but if you build up positive thoughts related to bussing like 'i am really looking forward to bussing with my friends today we can all catch up', 'bussing is a really good way for me to save petrol' etc this will help to remove the negative thoughts that we automatically associate with whatever we don't like. soo, kind of like forgetting the bad side of things.

now, i tried this on the girl at school i don't like:
'you aren't a bitch, you're a girl i don't know very well and i am going to be excited to sit next to you because i don't know what you're like'
i tried this for a total of one minute, i swear it was like i was screaming the above statement in my head. after that one minute all i could hear was a bitchy little whisper: 'you're a bitch and sitting with you reminded me exactly why'

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