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i just spewed up too many photos onto my blog i know but i don't really care. they're funny and they show how much of a GOD DAMN AMAZING TIME I HAD IN WELLINGTON. My 10th and last tournament. Really sad, water polo has got to be the most intimate sport, bitches get rowdy in the pool and i've heard about broken backs, seen some fat ass lips, black ass eyes and sweet ass scratches and seen some nice wedgies. Had my togs ripped, my boobs exposed, been punched and kicked in the face countless times, been strangled by the cap strings.

the most bad ass sport! & we did the best shit on tournaments:

ran through the middle of soccer games in our togs, did the 'bad ass' deed down sydney streets and in camping grounds, successfully planned and kidnapped a boy from another school taking him for a joyride through auckland, snuck out, got the parents drunk and doing the weirdest shit i dont even want to write about, went sailing on a yacht!

aaah i love those girls more than anything, spent pretty much 2 months straight with them, waking up at like 6 and having beach sessions in cronulla. laughing with them about the stupidest stuff. here's some photo's from nationals; yachting and desert road, my favourite place in the world.

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