hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life



blinding - florence +
cuddle fuddle - passion pit

depressing driving songs for our angry drives out to parties:
goo goo dolls, three days grace, oasis and stereophonics
'THIRST IS CREEPY' - lol, everytime
free periods - i need these, i'm literally addicted to cj
sleep, wow this is such a rarity these days
last christmas - wham, it's embarassing but whatever..
design and media, even thought they're hard work. love
ice ice ice ice. an ice tray a day keeps the.. something away
having 32 followers!! woo how cool
sober drivers - brooke brooke brooke paige
THUS getting to sleep in my own bed the past 3 WEEKENDS.

amazing. i am currently coasting. shit's getting cold and winter is not my friend. when we go out we're speaking smoke and thats so attractive. ooh and water polo is nearly over. FOREVER. after 7 years. We've got our final in 2 weeks. AND wellingotn next Thursday for Shiella Winn. mm sexy actor boys. my life is so sugar coated and juicylicious i know you just want to roll yourself in it.


  1. Oi, when you're in Wellington we should catch up cause I'll be down there at the same time.

  2. mean!! yeah awesome, lydia will be there too, hopefully they'll give us free time because i just want to go to cuba and im sure they're all gonna be keen for that drama school.. where as i am not..