hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


how the fuck are you supposed to fit everything in! Not to mention i like have to be on the computer at least an hour a day, yano twitter, blogger, fb and the odd weheartit and flickr stalk.. so there's work, drama, school, being awesome, houseleader, being awesome, water polo, social life, being awesome. and it's so tiring but fuck it i'm having the best year ever. ha ha ha. i'm so immature. realised that today when some year 9's looked at me weirdly in the hallway when i was making some fucked up noises. i have an interview next week to see if i can transfer to the new store. exciting. and i'm going to some weird free concert thing tomorrow. then some party on saturday. fun fun. i hate working friday nights. means i have MINIMAL time to get ready and i have to drink while i get ready. risky business there. foundation gets a bit crazy.. whatever, that was just a rant. ps. girls at school are getting so bitchy and mean, i try to stay out of it.. but come on. it's the seasonal change i tell ya.

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