hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


i can't stop eating ice lately - a whole tray in one sitting easy. i don't sleep much. and my room is so messy i just dont go in there. i am supposed to have finished my design by now and i haven't even done a quarter of it. i have no excuse other than that im not gonna hand in some bullshit i am not happy with. try telling my teacher that who thinks something done on paint is "very effective". weekend and already i have to get up at 6 two days in a row. da fuck! other than that. life is amazing and glitterful and i somehow. SOMEHOW manage to have a social life and party in the weekend. i dont even know how. yay for having 30 followers. yay for no one even reading this! haha


  1. I feel creepy cause I read all your entries cause your blog is in my google reader. Design is a such a piss subject, especially if you have the teacher I think you do.
    Ice is so addictive.