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ok so brooke told us that on desert road there's a goatman. like half goat half man. and seeing as this was at night, and we were driving in the middle of nowhere, home from a party, tripping out a bit. i got so scared, this was like 2 in the morning, no cars on the road.
and we had to go to brookes on the way home which is scary in the daytime up like a massive as driveway through some crazy countryside hill with freaky trees and stuff and she also has two goats. the second i was NOT prepared for. They just chill tied to the side of the fence too. AND IT WAS FOGGY. FOGGY AS. aaaah so scary. AND, we were following a dodgy as looking farmer ute the whole way home. all i kept thinking was theres the goatman in the back and he's gonna jump out at us and hoof on up the windshield then kill us all.anyway, had a really good night and we're now planning to camp out in one of brookes paddocks and tell scary stories! love it!

and im serious with the goat man thing!
it still scares me..
i totally believe it. hoof

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