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not even going to lie. i love the eclipse soundtrack. the lyrics are appropriate and it's just real good, now im getting really excited about the movie! see it is so stupid i get sooo obsessed about twilight, to the point where i have to try not to think about it and stop relating it to everyday life situations: "see this is like jacob and bella" Usually i would laugh at people like me, but when it comes to twilight, i dont give a shit. Im obsessed, along with a milion trillion other people. and it's also weird cos you feel like you have an ownership over it, like its YOUR twilight, when you read it, it's really personal and whatever omg i sound like a freak. hopefully my friend has work next week so i can replace her (i really want to go but missed out on tickets) and go see it with C on the 1st!

let's get lost - bat for lashes and beck
heavy in your arms - florence & the machine

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