hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


i need to
clean out my room. like seeeerious rip out clean out. throw away those clothes because i can't fit them in my drawers or my wardrobe and they are always on my ground. clean, but on the ground. and this has lead to my 'just chucked it on' look which people tell me "oh i see what look you're going for" - what look? i just got it off the floor, and i dont have a full length mirror in my room, usually only find bottoms 2 seconds before i l
eave, and neeeeeeever wash my hair. i wonder if i should tell people when they touch it with the usual "i wish i had hair like this" that i haven't washed it in a minimum of 4 days, it's probably been a week, give or take. ooh, rep going down. for the record, i shower daily, twice.. don't want people thinking im dirty now.

also. if i didnt have my diary. i'd be dead