hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


drama people, they're honest and will voice their opinion. thank god, because the last thing we need is shits going round not saying when they disagree with something then complaining about it. this is aimed at s in my drama class, and no im not whinging about her and being a hypocrite i told her to her face, it was awkward when she said "it's this unit, it's not us, it's the teacher" (everyone choked) i told her "fuck off, it's us, we were lazy and didnt learn our lines" her response? "well i don't see what's gone wrong in this unit, in all our other performances ive done really well in" (everyone choked again). YOU ANNOY ME S. AND IM SURE IVE MADE THAT VERY CLEAR. well well, look at how i just turned something positive into something neg. i'm good at that. other good shit: design ideas when they're flowinnnn, kit kats, ball, themed raves and parties, being mean to my drama teacher, sleep ins, late nights, usb's, changing to new stores, the good opportunity op shop in tga - lovely ladies thurrr giving me a brand new bag worth 48 pounds for $3! my diary, eclipse soundtrack