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Feeling like i should have a massive shit of words onto the page so here i am. APPLYING FOR UNI IS HARD AND TIME CONSUMING AND SOMETHING I DO NOT WANT TO DO. I am sooo scared about uni like wtf, i am crazy competitive at school in the arts department if im not the best (which is often) it fucks me off insanely and i can't handle it. oh shit i just remembered i have a lit essay due tomorrow.. anyway. ALSO have to do a portfolio for entrance and freaking out because you gotta make it stand out and i'm like, go hardout? yes, look tacky? no, look like you're trying to hard? NO NO MEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH PLUS I LOVE WORK RIGHT NOW. I AM CRAZY GOOD AT SELLING AND I HAVE BEEN BEATING BUDGETS BY HUNDREDS SO I'VE BEEN GETTING INCENTIVES! IM SURE YOU DONT CARE BUT SHAME IL PROBS BE SELLING YOU SHIT YOU DONT NEED ONE DAY BUT IM JUST SO GOD DAMN CONVINCING, YOU WONT EVEN NOTICE!!!

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  1. i'm freaking about portfolios! i have to draw (which i cant). and i have no idea what to put in it. i dont even know what a portfolio looks like... anyway! good luck! :)