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MY MY MY. this is overdue. Summer is nearly here, i mean, i can smell it, literally. smell it. in the sweat of the yea 9's walking down the hallway. damn in-between weather where they're too sweaty but it's quite a chill without their bloody jersey. sort your shit out, mitchem's a mighty fine deodorant kiddies, it's not attractive, and im pretty sure it's for men, but it works a treat (various resources have told me so screw you with your cool charm. that isn't even a fucking antiperspirant.) Cool how i'm blogging about BO, but that's how sad life has become. So sad that i now have the infamous 'THE PHATNESS' album on facebook with fat people/ugly animals/fat animals/weird/pubic hair/awkward photos gathered from google, the mothership of image sources.

So summer should be a good time, currently tossing up quitting work or staying on. I know i won't get much holiday, and will most likely be working new years. last year i got shit all of a summer and it was depressing. I was rich, but alone (haha que).

Look at the pure freedom and wildness and craziness of these photos. Imagine a summer like this. yeah imagine, cos this shit sure as hell ain't happening in hamilton. Why don't i live in the desert. S
urrounded by sand and fires and boys and bikes. not long now. this hole of a 'city' will be the embarrassing hometown i recall when dancing on a bike around a fire with a boy in the desert...

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