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sometimes at church at school i sit there and wonder what it's like for other non religious people looking in. it would be like such a cult, how we have to repeat what the priest says and do little chants and stuff, kneel and bow our heads. also receiving the body an blood of jesus christ. very "worship" very "shrine". i have no idea where i stand in the terms of religion. i believe that the catholic faith is veeeeery controversial and also very hard to stay true to in the modern world. honestly when i go to church i don't mean what i'm saying, it's automatic, i know the priests words off by heart and recite them under my breathe. not from faith, but boredom. YES. hope i don't come across totally arrogant to the catholic religion. definitely think it was great going to a catholic primary but for high school i think people are going to believe what they want to believe whatever they're taught, or told to attend. i also think that some people hide behind religion as it's all they have - maybe i'm wrong, maybe i don't understand. I guess i can't judge because I'll never know how they feel.

yeah, deep, cool.

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