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Seriously, the shitness is over. It's all about being positive. STAY POSITIVE. Don't be a shit face and bring everything down. I understand high school must be like this and rightly so, i was aloud to be a bitch about everything and have no feelings. It was my cover. I had no idea who i was (still don't) but i didnt fit into any other category.. okay i was the token lesbian JK, so i used the bitch mask, easy, totally accepted, and a babe magnet. Not the latter, but lying is my new favourite thing. I lied. It's not.

So what's this? Yeah that's right, i say i love you to my friends now, i hug them in public and i randomly x people when i feel like it. I know some people may miss the bitch, secretly it's still there, you'll find it on my twitter and in my sly low blow comments. HEY some people even see my honesty as a bitch trait. Hate to break it to you buddy but that's what it's like when you're not fake. Try it sometime, totally freeing - like being naked. I like that too. full on 50%+ summer time nakedness is the goal, and it's going to happen.

PS. i won the 'indecent exposure" award at school for being so naked all the time.
I luv ma bodi and da placs i streak luv it 2

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