hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


stuff. that i can totally talk to every single one of my friends about now.
i totally have good friends. because if you can talk about shitting, farting, gross sexual stuff and how you have double/multiple crushes on all your boy friends. you're in it for life.

it doesn't matter what you look like boys, if you dress well, you're totally in. totally in there, totally have a chance. dressing well does not include
- sneakers and jeans combos
- graphic tee toppers
- wax in your hair, atleast, that i can see
- skate shoes, seriously big fat and juicy yuck

retailers lie. i lie to you everyday. you do not look good in that but i have no money and i need incentive.

i pee in the shower all the time, pretty much every time.

ps. i served a lesbian couple and oddly enough neither was feminine. i just thought that one always was. but no, both as butch as ever. thought that might add some crisp morning thought to your plate.

merry christmas.
happy holidays.
have great drunken times.

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