hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


shit laying.
laying of the shit.

1. it seems you're cool too easy now. all you need is a cutie tootie crop and some sweet levi's you found a savemart and you done baby girl. now now i can't say much - i did this. i do this. but it's so weird watching the little muchkins you know, how old, 14 getting all slutty and photo shoot up in this hole of hamilton with their cute "pic at the gardens". but please manican babies. please, no one likes you because you're like everyone else. they like you because you're a filthy dirty bitch who doesn't wear a bra in public and you wear stuff that makes people want to not be you.

2. once a chick i knew, she's awesome by the way. shat in a plastic bag and threw it on the top of a warehouse i think it was roof. i'd be her boyfriend.

3. it's all about the chase. and now, i'm all puffed and ready to go home.

4. girls don't care if you're ugly boys. they care if you dress well. so put some nice clothes on and get a nice haircut, and be funny. because that's all we want. a nice dressing boy who will make us laugh when we have sore tummies. (aaaand that's where that bullshit ends.)

5. being honest is a piece of shit, it's burnt my ass so much lately. sorry that i don't have secrets. they just screw shit up. i'll tell you bitches if you're annoying me, and i'll tell you why. sorry that i tell you the truth when you cover whatever you've got going on up whereas i'm the enemy for being open as a slut!

not literal.

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