hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


don't think i'd ever get a tattoo. ever, but if i did. i'd want the top. not big, not the surrounding content within it. just the whole power/triumph thing. pretty sweet. and religious, which i don't know if i am - it's still a big part of my life/friends/wondering/childhood. lurking. in a badass way.

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  1. why hello.
    you may know me as shannon atkin, the girl who raped your photobooth and lent you a rather lush plaster one drunken outing.
    i am kinda weary about posting this comment considering there is a high chance you will look at my blog. the thing is, yours is about 100,000 times cooler than mine. especially when I look at previous posts that i rather foolishly tried to advertise, many of them consisting of lauren conrad/hills-y shiiiit. so please, don't judge.

    did i mention your blog is cool? yeah.