hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life



0.1: the girl who feels like she needs to let everyone know that she has a boyfriend.

(unfortunately these girls don't know what theyre doing.) which is grounding other girls heads into the ground with their "i love my bf, i love the way he, i miss my.." SERIOUSLY. no im serious - SWEET FUCKING FLOWERS FOR YOU THAT YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND YOU IN LOVE BUT WHY. I REPEAT WHY. do i have to go onto facebook to make my witty status of the day and get BOMBARDED with your comments on each others walls that clearly did not need to be there. if you want to be a cool couple then just don't. honestly, ya know people are in love when you see a a status from their gf saying "hey poo." or "you're gay" you'know. the old inside joke shit. but not something that you could have texted or rang or said to their face. ie "u left ur __ here from last night when you stayed over" AKA "hey boyfriend, that i sleep with, and we go out, because you're my boyfriend and we're in a relationship" you just WANT people to see! no one cares! we don't! i know! i've asked around! also your countless photos together, and the captions. oh dear god the captions! when your clearly state that he is your boyfriend like "my bf made me dinner aw" with a photo of him standing by a frying pan. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUCK!!!! i'l go take a pic of mum next time she cooks me dinner shall i.

dear girl 0.1

cool that you guys are together. honestly, im not that cold hearted. but we know ok. you're becoming one (which i personally think is vomit and a total loss of ones self because you're all into the other person and all 'im nothing without you' which is disgusting)

PS. seriously if you need to keep your fingers moving stop fucking typing and go touch each other or something if you really want to WRITE about it that bad)

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