hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


things that make shit allgood/
are the source of being allgood/
that probably means the same thing

pies (or 2 pies, this would be the only other thing better than a pie)

1 litre of juice (in a box, again - larger quantities would improve the allgoodness)

your default favourite music AKA fleet foxes

handing shit in after countless allnighters

showering after those countless allnighters where you forgot that personal hygiene is important

finding out the boy you like, likes you (yeah, i imagine this would be allgood)

finding old as music that you used to froth but had forgotten about and knowing all the words but don't know how they're coming out of your mouth

not being hungover (if the opposite of this has occured, refer to points 1 and 2 and allgoodness will be restored)

making your bed (what? tucking in? what is that?)

havin a shnuggle blanket. seriously this shit will cure anything (wrap yaself up, walk around in it, don't walk, whatever, just get a blanket that's not a duvet.)

leggings/tights/spandex (yeah whatever you get a camel toe but eat shit yal. i'm comfy as and i can sleep, run, eat a pie, drink juice, and not be hungover in these)


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