hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


thought vom.

- i just bought cruel intentions, the breakfast club, st elmos fire, and closer. movie feen lately.

- i read looking for alaska, finally lyd! i know i know, a bit late seeing as everyone was reading it in year 10. haha how awkward, but seriously, what a good book. havent' read in ages so i was stoked at how compelling it was. everything about it made me want to keep a note pad by me the whole time i read it because everything was so god damn quotable. eg. 'so i walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, i was a drizzle and she was a hurricane' . i want to be a hurricane..

- just so you know, i know i don't capitalise after i put a full stop and various other grammatical errors. i just don't like capitals when
they aren't grouped together. end of story.

- why is it so depressing to watch movies like 10 things i hate about you? seriously, there's a bit of shit on my shoe and it won't go away. and boys, it's you. my lack or interest from the opposite sex is such a worry at this moment and time but then again it's not. i'm the shittest texter in the world and this is BECAUSE i am not going to say some stupid deep shit to you over text.. then fucking be awkward as to your face (ok this is a lie because im pretty sure ive done this, but to one person only and he reads this often so.. yeah, you - but you're an exception. our relationship is weird so it is no relevant to this point.) NOR am i going to "get to know you" over facebook or texting, or twitter or whatever the fuck else you want, formspring is it? i want to talk to you and laugh and shit. and none of this texting. texting is so stupid and yeah this is partly because i never get texts (again, an embarrassing confession..). BUT what's the point in that? unless you plan on having your first kiss over text too.. AND lets think about modern relationships. so much more can go wrong with this technology. he can text other girls or guys.. flirt with them or whatever. which is fine, lets not get into the deets. BUT in the old days (yano way back when ya grandparents were lovin life and gettin loose) they jsut got to know each other. legit fell in love (don't know what i think about that yet, 'love') and yeah, how many divorced grandparents do you see around this joint? not many, if eeeeeny. dunno. that's just what i'm thinkin. i'm thinkin, some day, i'll get the badass of the school aka patrick verona and we'll go paintballing and kiss in the hay and he'll get my fave band to play at prom and we'll never have to text each other because we wont need to be constantly updating each other BECAUSE we will be TWO separate beings. that are best friends.

- don't letcha heart get caught up. no strings. then it's allgood. think like a penis. if only.

- i miss being the fg. i miss my friends in hamilton and i miss him.

but that's enough deepness for today.
anymore and we'll sink, or start listening to panic at the disco.
one or the other. it won't end well.

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