hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life



ONE! vom worthy couples. they were staring into each others eyes and like, snuggling in public, touching noses and just being general cute and shit all up in my lonely drunk face. fuck off with your pda. fuck off with your relationship. it's gross. i sound like a bitch, and i am. who wants to be cute with moi!

TWO! i got a million pies from the service station on sunday. sucks that it's 2 minutes away. i can see it right now, from my window. my house is sloth central on the sabbath. everyone gets wasted on saturday nights and plans to do work/go into uni/shower/brush teeth/get changed/ put bras on/not be lazy on sunday but we just end up watching a million movies, frothing over hot boys we will never have because they exist only in film, and drinking litres of orange juice and sick as amounts of mince and cheese pies. i hate it. nah jk it's fucking mean and i had to express my love for slothing sabbath in 2j. there, done.

THREE! why don't real boys exist? like real real boys. i see what i'm saying here, but you gotta see what i'm saying. i'm saying a real boy, a boy that doesn't cry because he's all sensitive and shit. and a boy that will have his own friends, his own life, who'll want you not need you, because ohhh emmmm geee, i don't want to be needed, that is no fun and the word that is used to replace 'needed' is desperate. not saying i want to have that stupid chase shit for months cos that's gay. if you like me tell me. but DON'T i repeat DON'T be all weird and say "well there i go, i like you, now i just don't know how you feel, i guess i just have to wait for you to tell me, because i am just so confused" one word EW. boys with feelings! the fuck what is that shit? AND DON'T give me bullshit like guys have feelings blah blah because i'm sorry (i'm not). you didn't have feelings when you were creepin up on me and only wanting one thing (well, i guess you did have feelings.. of another kind).

FOUR! Crying boys. Oh dear, i say this everytime. you shouldn't have tear ducts ok. Unless your johnny depp or emile hirsch or someone babe as that earns alot of money and can pay for every single tear that pops out of your sexy eyes. it's just not cool. like look at tom in 500 days of summer, at the start when he's all gutted as that it didn't work out. unnatractive much. self pity is a big gay factor not literal. just as in you're lame, i don't want to be friends with you let alone let ya kiss on me if you're gonna be cryin all about the place. especially about a girl. man up move on. she has.

FIVE! Self pity. Seriously. i dont. give a shit. please get that. i understand if you have a shit day, a few shit days etc. but if you're legit in a state of feeling sorry for yourself? please, don't come to me, i'm not giving you sympathy unless you're one of my best friends. even then, it doesn't go far. ew don't even get me talking about this shit it pisses me off so much.

SIX! your relationship with him, his relationship with you. the relationship in general i mean god im not even fucking there and it makes me want to stab myself in the vag. seriously, you're still going? it's still going? what? when will you learn. i fucking love you, you're amazing, he is not. no one likes it, we've told you. please, we see it. you don't. then again look at me giving relationship advice. (SAID THE FG).

SEVEN! people who are flirting in your presence when they think you can't tell. I CAN TELL. and you both look like retards. stand up straight bitch and get that hair outcho fingers. oh, and, down boy.

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