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0.4: the carnival girl
a serious, messy, angry, rough, feminist one, but it has to be done.

the almighty stevie once sang the words "players only love you when they're playing" - if we unpick this into real talk it means that they only love you when they're inside you! brutal! rank! but it's the fucking truth! CARNIVAL GIRL:"puts out on the first date". i did at one point consider the amazingness it would be to be wanted by all the boys, i mean we've all been at a party and watched that deece as guy walk straight past us and right to HER (Carnival girl eg. "get on boys, these rides don't just last the summer" kind of girl or if they're lucky "you don't even need ya seatbelts boys i don't believe in protection!" but we've got to be wanted for the right reasons. the CG isn't, she's a physical object of affection. she could be one of 3 types within the type itself:

1. the slutty CG who just loves the attention (you know, the one that shops at pagani and you honestly wonder what her appeal is then you see her tits and it all clicks)
2. the CG that's a CG because she feels like she has to be (usually this occurs after a personal crisis - she got dumped, grew mass tits after having none and wants to make up for it etc) she's usually trying to just fill the void..
3. the straight up slutty chick who's just horny as and don't give no shit!

GENERALLY these girls break down and realise that these guys don't give a shit about them and when they tell them that they're real pretty and that they like spending time with them what they REALLY meant was i love your mouth, your genitals, your body, and what, wait, what's your name again? it's fucking sad but this shit is true, i'm sure if the guy is legit he'll talk to her a bit before getting it in or whatevs but realistically, the female bpdy is all too often considered a disposable thing. WHYYYYYYY holy shit, i know! it's easy to get caught up in da magic of it all "ooh he so sexy, he make me feel so sexy, we just so sexy" NO SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF. he doesn't care about you (really). he care about yo boday, and what it can do for him. if you're all about the power thing, i.e you're a confident carnival girl out to get chu some - then good on you. but the result will still be the same. seriously, come on, atleast not on the first date, all the time, at least.. (i like what you're doing though, beating them at their own game - and ye, double standards fo life when it comes to this shit because boys are massive pieces of shit when it comes to using chicks for shit.)

dear girl 0.4

oh my gaaaaaahd! seriously, either you have mass daddy problems, or someone fucked you over or (STUPIDLY) no one has told you how worth it you are. i dunno if decent guys exist because we're fed stupid shit with movies like 'dear john' (yeah guys, i watched it today and i wanted to vomit. not only at the fact that i liked it a little bit. but that the guy is the sensitive as one who's all blah i used to be in the army but now i cry all the time and write soppy letters and make promises.) WHATEVER i say that about 2% of guys are like this in the world and they're all french. i've decided. you don't have to get all sluzz up in here just to get noticed by boys, - ok you kind of do, but do it in a classy way, liiiiiiiiiiiike wear a hot dress, or do something you love and get into it because i swear the most attractive thing in the opposite sex is skill? or their love for something? PASSION for SOMETHING? no one gon like a sad sack hatin on life pickin at their pimples and crying at the site of cats or something gay like that. guys will also get tired of your other feline friend if you get what i mean. sex only goes so far. what happens when you're ugs and he wants to have a cherry convo? nothing. nothing because unfortunately he knows nothing about you and all you know is the physical side of your relationship (if we can call it that).

i'm pretty sure it IS possible for guys to love/like/respect chicks without them having to give away all the bloody milk right away, i seriously, get those boys to work for it. because if they're decent, and if they really care about you they will. just don't be a bitch and deprive him too much.. because they work differently to chicks. AND if you're a horny CG - i guess you're doing it for you? and only you? not him? be honest with yourself and make sure that shit's set in stone: be careful.. glove up - it's a cold.. disease filled world out there...

ps. you're worth it
pps. i don't hate boys xoxoxo


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