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0.7: the he's my lover and we make love girl

YEAH YOU'RE OUT THERE! I SAW YOU TONIGHT AT THE PLAY! you draped your arm over him and laughed high into the air as he whispered under your strategically curled (so it looks natural and french above the shoulder) hair, like he was some kind of god. as i sat with my equally cynical (oops, did i say cynical i meant single) friend, we imagined your life. you were definitely lovers, we could tell. there was no way in hell you two were fuckers, or 'having sex' - you totally made love and i bet you thought you were better off in paris. i can't quite tell if it was painful to watch you or if it was just jealousy. the drape-age was a bit much, i mean can you not stand on your own woman? i quite liked watching him follow your lead after you rose for the applause, he sat content clapping from his seat but after a nasty glare from you, he rose too - probably an indication of the future of the night if you get what i mean. i imagined your conversation in the car home, perhaps you walked? you'd recall the night, talk over the play and note your favourite parts. but i can't help but turn your relationship into something so seeeexually foreign. i'm not gonna lie, i totally voiced over your conversations and the words pussy and wet came into play and i'm not sure if your words were the same? i'll go with no, seeing as there were people surrounding you. but i bet, i bet you guys are just so cool and passionate and you drink wine and maybe sometimes beer if you guys are going to have a crazy session. that's it, if you're having a wine night you make love but if it's beer on the table it's exactly that, on the table.

dear girl 0.7
you're more of a fascination than anything. how is it that someone can be so enveloped in someone else? when you were with that guy it felt like you always needed to be touching and it seemed sensual but then again it could also have this kind of 'get the fuck off me' effect. it was always you cassidy (lyd said this more of a love makers name), you were the one to start it off, he never leant into you - always you to him.. poor harrison (because apparantly lovers have last names as first names 'it's much more suitable' according to lyd). god damn you! i have no advice, becaus ei don't understand you. it's like you guys don't have a social circle. you're just in llll (ust) and that's all. you work all day make love all night and eat and drink good wine and food in between. thanks for being so borderline pathetic yet jealous worthy. you were definitely my favourite people to watch so far in my life.

ps. cassidy and harrison were real and extremely interesting to watch
pps. she's more of a woman type, but you get me

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