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"Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened."

ANNOYINGLY POSITIVE type person kind of quote! i hate these! it's a mind fuck really. seriously, the thing is in life, you kind of have to feel really shit to enjoy the good parts. so if you wanna fucking cry - go hundy. but just do it in your room, under the covers, in the shower, in the rain, whilst really sweaty, when you think everyone else is asleep (it's more dramatic that way). it's even better if you are completely silent and the tears run slowly down your face whilst listening to some coldplay.. or bon iver/lykke li if you're too salty. make sure you have headphones in though! none of this loud music so everyone knows im upset kind of shit - not cool - keep your weakness to yourself aye kids. oh! if you're finding that your heart or liver or whatever body part you feel with is jizzing onto your facebook status' then maybe.. get a diary.. no shit i swear by mine i have 2 full books of the funniest shit EVER. like genuine lol worthy stuff that i thought was the end of the world like people "gettin poked at new yearz" "being official" and "Hookin up 4 da first time!". OR you could turn whatever thought you have into an angry hate life one - people love this shit eg your 'why does he hurt me' could be turned into 'boys are cunts' - guaranteed winner everytime, now people don't think you're a sad sack! you're a hard ass girl who don't take shit from anyone!

  1. the above advice does not apply to males. you may feel like you want to cry sometimes but it's probably just gas.
  2. you can cry to your friends OBVIOUSLY but not all the time - that shit gets old.
  3. drunk crying is so not cool (and fucking embarrassing) try to get over it it quick get back into the room and keep on partying.. (i know it's hard and doesn't seem possible but just try!).

xoxox fg luvz yu!
ps. i still hate the word cunt!

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  1. oh lawl this quote could have been taken directly from infamous quoter tess williams page.