hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


5 reasons why:
boys love **slutty chicks**
(just 4 lols)

1. so convenient! like that plastic cheese, or 2 minute noodles - just rip open that packet of fake flavoured love and let the good times roll.

2. they're like a disposable nappy, you can shit all over them, then throw them in the trash.

3. usually the chick knows whats up aka nothing is up except his penis, inside her. how perfect! a girl who doesn't have feelings! she doesn't even care that i'm slapping her, or that i've totally forgotten her name, what is it again?

4. confidence, any chick who can walk down the street in a sheer singlet and call it a dress is a confident woman to me. also less clothes to take off, i can also see her nipples, her pubes, and the rash she must have picked up last night. LESS CLOTHES! MORE HOES!

5. that eerie mysterious feeling wondering what kind of disease or rash one will wake up with in the morning. it's almost like a lucky dip really - will i get the explosive feeling of the good kind? or the next morning explosive panic shits BECAUSE SHE HAS GIVEN ME AIDS?

ps. silly boy, all girls have feelings, the slutty ones just hump em out.


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