hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life



(otherwise known as the game of life.. this comes from watching this happen. over, and over again, chicks who play H2G are usually pretty loved up, hella desirable and really fuckin smart if we think about it.. but they can usually leave their emotions at the door. boys who play H2G are pretty much all the male species except of course those exceptions - your (leave this page) boyfriends).

firstly we should discuss how to play hard2get.

there are 2 players:
one female + one male
both female
or both male
- it all depends on how you feel about fannys.

when riding the rollercoaster that is this fun time, one must realise that other players can be brought into the game ie suzie may feel that her opposition dickhead is infact, a dickhead - she will then ask another person to join the game! usually suzie would pick someone  different to dickhead, perhaps someone with a better haircut, thinner, fatter, taller - just generally someone allround better and intimidating to dickhead. suzie will secretly flaunt this new player in front of player 1 (DH) causing player 2 (see *BREATH MINT) to feel special and possibly spark a slight crush on suzie. player 1 finds this incredibly hard to handle as his natural animal instincts tell him to fight away what was once his, like a lion he will prowl on suzie making sure he is not forgotten in her little circle of love (sometimes the circle of love means, circle of love, more often than not - a vagina hole).

UNFORTUNATELY (ha, ha, ha, when is it unfortunate to have a CHOICE IN MEN) in this phase of the game suzie must decide which player she will take to the next level and which she will kill off - TYPICALLY, she will keep player 1 (yes, the dickhead, she's a girl remember) ol player 2 there is disposed of - once again, being female i assume suzie still remembers his number off by heart and she will soon be inviting him to play the game again.

he gets that bad aftertaste of player 1 out of your life, i know what you're thinking - how fuckin fabulous. but no this isn't eternal sunshine of the spotless mind ok that shit can't be erased. the mint is enjoyable and ever so exciting and fun FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. what you really want is to satisfy yourself with the meal that is player 1 - fuck the bad taste you think! and so, suzie crawls back to DH while ol fresh minty michael over here is raking it in with these girls with bad breath.

H2G is not as simple as it seems, Suzie has created a triangle in which player 1 and 2 are now "fighting" for her affections, she can chop and change between the two depending on what type of hunger she has that day. the guys will pretend shit's allgood and joke about suzie between the 2 of them secretly wanting to 'win' because after all, isn't any hole a goal? - and it makes it so much more entertaining when there's defense.

note: one must always keep track of all players in the game, it is best to stick to the old count on one hand rule. this just keeps you in control of the situation rather than you getting caught in the shit under a pile of guys thinking you're a slut. but it's just power hon.. 

ps. this is life
pps. don't take my shit seriously, seriously.

fg xoxoxoxooxox

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