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t33n <3
woooooooooooow people write about love alot. like alot. like i go on weheartit and theres fucking images for africa love this love that why don't you love me why haven't i found love yet, why... WHY ARE YOU BEING SO GOD DAMN NEEDY? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW A GIRL CAN BE SO VULNERABLE . When 99% of the time they fuck it up and what do you know, sad sad sad, depressed depressed, ooh i like him now. seriously. seriously. i hate relationship hunters, usually they get real drunk at parties, hook up then follow up with a good old 'thing' for a few weeks after. Only for it to fizzle out, leaving post meetings awkward. That's your fault and i'm sorry (no i'm not), but i don't care that you like this boy now. He'll be gone in a few and i can't even remember the last time you were independent, single, and smiled without the involvement of a boy.

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