hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life



today i went scanner crazy at school and did my hands, then my teacher suggested i use the photocopier. i just love her, we're like sisters. we have cheeky inside jokes and she always does weird eyebrow raised messages to me and i know what she's thinking, usually it's along the lines of liz you're great, but i can't be totally sure.

i went to a design discussion at boys high where we went around talking about our concept and they would throw questions at us and we'd have to reply quickly and if we didn't know, bullshit to them. it was really good until i was picked on as a 'phone a friend' to answer other boys questions, like 'what is lust? (prepare yourself) "Sweatiness, like a sweaty boy like a sweaty topless boy running along the beach, sweaty, and topless, and muscly" so one, i said like a lot and two, this was embarrassing, everyone was laughing at me. all good though, i had a chance to redeem myself when i got asked the question about a guys 'father son relationship' concept for his painting. 'how would a father son relationship change over time?' - "umm like relationships, like he might get a girlfriend, or... a boyfriend.. and like, like.." 'yes and how would the girlfriend change, say he just hooked up with this girl, how does this change the father son relationship?' - "umm. like, you wouldn't get.. with your dad.. so.."


  1. man thats cool. i wish my school did that design discussion thing.

  2. it was really good, showed how you need to have an open mind in terms of concept as not to restrict yourself.

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