hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


how can she survive without judgement? female that is - girl, woman, pussy bearer, child bearer, GODDESS. she can't! whoever she is, she's a type, she fits into a category. whatever category it is, she'll never win. if she's a swallower like girl number 0.8 she's praised for her (arguably) celibate ways - but then she's still considered a slut? what if she does nothing of the sort? does that make her frigid? FUCK oh my god. i am contradicting myself but it has to be addressed. what is the perfect female? it's a question that has a simple answer. fuck off. she doesn't exist. perhaps to him, she does. but to her, a woman, we are full of faults. HONESTLY, i know i won't be genuinely happy for someone until i feel like i am equally as fulfilled. for instance if a friend has a boyfriend or gets with someone, superficially happy yes, secretly crying deep into my soul at why no one wants me YES. admit it - when your friend looks better than you when you're going out, you feel that little bit shit. people will think shes hotter, want her etc. so strange yet i fail to see this in males. maybe im wrong.

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  1. The perfect girl is a girl that cares about something worth caring about more than a boy.