hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life



it's been so long, and now i just don't know who to shit on! i've got the fuckin cultural explorers (jungle fever anyone?), the chocks (chick jocks) and the real time swallower. oh lordy way too many GT'S not enough time. maybe i'll come back to them but for now i think i may move onto boy types. haha yeah fuckers it's your turn. it'll either make you hard or fuck you off. either way i just wanna get all up in your faces and make you guess who. truth is i don't have much experience (haha.. any). but let's be honest it's not that hard to get, they eat, text you when they want something, roll over when they don't, demand a gobby when it's their high time and never satisfy when it's yours. it won't all be a hate fest (can't keep on fueling the angry dyk rumours can we) i accept that they smell mean, make you laugh, do things they don't even notice that are so hot you just want them right then and there who cares, aaaaand how fockin mean it is when they open up to you and say things you know they aren't telling anyone else.

ps. i love boys - i love all my friends that are boys and none of the types will be specific to anyone, so don't go gettin all trip happy when you think i'm talking about how mass your dick is. coz i neva seen 1 in mi lyf so it obv isnt urz. xoxo

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