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spooning: someone spoon me. nah don't, nah do, nah don't, okay you can but only do it for a little while. let's be real, it's fun for a little bit then you wanna get down to business.. which is sleeping and their body is sweaty and their arm is under your neck or it's over your body under your arm (whatever ya style, i don't judge) and you don't want to wake them up and you make little movements in the hopes of them casually rolling the oppo way but they never do and you just have the shittest sleep although you can't complain because let's be real again - it's pretty fucking nice to wake up in.. someones.. arms. fuck that phrase.

attending sleepovers: so many good times, but shit gets frustrating when you're awake and its 3am and they're asleep, it's an unfamiliar house and your mouth is about as dry as some ugly bitches vagina. seriously, the amount of times your mind runs through plans of getting up, walking to the door, opening the door, going into the kitchen.. OH FUCK wheres the lightswitch how will i know where it is! where are the cups! this shit happens. and it causes tired/frustration tears and all you end up doing is going to their god damn bathroom which is so much closer and lapping some freaking water with your palms ahahha this is so tragic i can see myself doing this and i'm hoping other people have too cos otherwise i look like a crazy ass cat like water lapper.

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