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no, not that sticky substance that comes out of your vag. FRUSH! that awkward yearning, the throb you get when you want .. your FRIEND.

THIS GENUINELY SUCKS. I UNDERSTAND. AS IVE ADMITTED TO BEFORE, CRUSHIN FRIENDS IS NORMAL. haha yeah cos i know that shit. one day me and L confessed to each other that we crushed a friend. i said mine - she said me too. she said hers.. i said me too. and we realised that we'd gone through all of our male friends and crushed them at one point in time. firstly, GOD HOW DESPO. secondly, yeah, i'm gonna go ahead and say still desperate.

but i get it right?! IT'S BECAUSE YOU SEE THEM AS A PERFECT BOYFRIEND WHEN YOU HANG OUT. ie, you already do shit that boyfriends and gf's do except the physical shit ie ya share secrets ya lol all the time together (you're probably loling way more cos you're madly frothing at the mouth for him LOL ..DESPO), and people always say 'are you guys togeths', or people suggest shit like that. haha oh god i've been here, totz hand up here going to tell you that friend crushes are totally okay (haha who am i to know) i get that it sucks, cos he totally rapes you for all your worth with advice and all the mean gf friendly friend to lean on and all you want is to seal the deal with a mean as ldp on the beach or some shit i duno, however your fantasies go.

bad news, your frush is pretty much a sticky substance that lingers and there's no pill or cream to fix it. i frush way too easy, but when you genuinely frush someone, like so much to the point that you cry yourself to sleep imagining what it would be like when he tells you he likes you back and he sees you as more than a 'cool chick' or a 'good bitch' (we've all been there..) maybe you should do something about it. like tell him (don't do this, he probably only sees you as a friend and it saves a fuckload of embarrassment. just know that.. im here 4 yew) ANYWAY, if he wants ya, he'll make the effort.

xoxo fg

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