hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life



- do boys always think it's ok to touch you when other people are in the room!?
oh my god seriously why, they all think it's game on as soon as the lights are off and everyone is "asleep". it's like they have some kind of fetish for knowing someone else will hear them and know that they're getting their touch on. awkward because although you DO want it, it's just too awkward to think about. you're scared they can hear and they're gonna think you're gross and why can't you just not. moral of the story, boys want to touch you when people are around. i don't know why, they just think it's cool and i think they like the danger of getting caught. it also makes for a good story the next morning. "yeah bro we fucked while you were in the room".

- do boys think it's ok to say they like you when they don't?
oh puppys. rainbows and fucking unicorns. i dunno but it's pretty shit of them and i'm sorry! their dick is probably hard and they're obviously wanting to insert that card of love into your atm. try not to make your atm a money tree aye. that will send the wrong idea. baaa leeev me.

- do i like tumblr so much?
yeah fuckers, i hated this thing for many years, genuinely thought it was about reblogging cool photos and trying to get shitloads of followers. turns out i was right. and then i realised it was like this random FUCKING DRUG that you need your fix of EVERYDAY and you get lost in peoples "online scrapbooks" shall we say, most of the time i just like to nod at all the heartbroken ones, cry at how i want my bones to stick out of my shoulders like all the naked girls ones do, lie in a loft on a bed with no fucking frame (yeah i know right, sleepin on the floor is for the sexually active - you don't live in tumblr land and have a bed on the ground with no one to fuck on it with. be real), have a gaze at the flicking GIFS - so much wonder, have lols at peoples tumblr names - because again, let's not deny that people try to sound very very very alternative and whimsical when naming their "blog" ie. unicornsarefree, youngandrestless, stickyourdickinme, imonly12butthisallowsme2- haveabonybodyhenceiamnowamodel AND FINALLY agree with a slight weep at the unrequited love ones. yeah bitches you do too. i'll only repost those ones if they're a little bit grungy though yano - gotta keep the edge.

do girls pretend to find that one (not cool) boy that texts them all the time really annoying
there's a thing called attention and he gives you it, i bet he makes hints all the time and he compliments you and lets you talk about you wana talk about etc etc etc . you definitely hold all the power in that little textationship you got going on there. now run run run - run with the power and never let go.

ps. tumblr is not a blog. this is.


  1. sorry! the wording and grammar are worse than usual in this post.

  2. i wanna know if moving to wellington changed your sex/boy life x0x0x0