hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


sorry for the lack of posts. i'm shit at life obviously.

ps. a fat lady tried to squeeze past me at work yesterday as i stood in the corner hanging clothes, i said sorry for the tight squeeze and GOOD LORD, THE GLARE I GOT IN RETURN FOR DOING MY JOB!! i thought HANG ON. why the fuck am i apologizing! you're fat and i'm .. let's go with average (no tumblr girls do not count) build (i wept for a good 5 minutes deciding how to describe my body). I HAD A BANANA FOR BREKKIE AND IT SEEMS YOU STILL HAVE TO GIVE BIRTH TO 3 KIDS IN THERE. anyway, moral of the story is i will not apologize to fat people for them having to squeeze when there would have been no problem with her going through there if she was .. NOT OBESE

pps. i don't hate fat people as much as i appear to, i just hate that they all get tv shows about how fat they are, on to the next one. AND, she was really really fat, like definitely obese and it looked hard to walk, so seriously, she should have just taken the long way out where she didn't have to scowl at me and rub her rolls past me - would have burnt more calories anyway..

i'm alarmed this is nasty, but i gotta preach.

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