hate lists, friend girl shit and what i think i know about life


happy new year readers! hope your year was a good one - let's be real it wasn't as shit as you think it was, you did laugh, you did have a fuckin good time. i hope that regardless of what you did to celebrate the new year you were ready for annnnnything and smelt delicious! and let's get this str888 - things will definitely change this year, who knows if it will be for the better. new problems, new bitches, new girl types and new boy problems. can't wait to share my newly discovered lols of hate with you. xx fg

ps. the photo is of me with best friends beeeautiful baby HUNTER FLEET who was due on new years eve but surprised us a few weeks early. he is pretty much my future husband and was my first kiss of the year! (well not really because he comad on me and left early but i'll still count it).

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