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Here's an excellent topic for a first post:
Don't screw the crew

An early lesson that my older sister constantly drilled into my head. Pretty self-explanatory really. Don't get involved (romantically) with anyone in your group of friends. I don't know why so many others haven't heard of this majestic saying. Easy to remember, spectacular results.
I say this because it seems where I come from there is an epidemic of crew screwing, and it only leads to tears. This is not even a recent epidemic, it has been absolutely chronic.

I once fell prey to a bit of crew screwing, let me tell you, it was not pretty. In fact, it still isn't. It started off as a pleasant enough friendship, we had many many mutual friends, common interests, stimulating conversation.
But then, like most crew screws start, we got drunk and made out.

I'm telling you now, if you are sensible you will stop in your tracks, haul yourself off your friend and stumble back (with as much dignity as possible) to wherever the bulk of interesting people are hanging out and continue engaging in lovely platonic activities.

I did not.

The relationship itself was pretty functional as far as relationships go. In fact, the only benefit of crew screwing I can think of is that you never have to worry about efficiently balancing your time with friends and partner. Other than my entire circle of friends (with a smattering of strangers) knowing everything about the more intimate parts of my life, I did not seem to be having a problem with crew screwing. I began to doubt the crew screwing rule. Of course, the ending was very messy.
He pulled the "I hope we can still be friends" line.
What do you do then?
Well, of course you have to accept. Your now ex-boyfriend is still a part of the crew. You still want to spend time with your crew, don't you? And there is where crew screwing will always fail. Being forced to spend time with an ex is always a painful affair, I don't care what you say. At the very least, it's awkward. It doesn't allow for the healing time your bruised self-confidence so desperately needs. It is like constantly opening a fresh wound.
As if it wasn't painful enough, your ex will most likely continue the crew screwing cycle. Yes, they will move onto your other friends. Yes, you will have to grit your teeth and mask your jealous face from all you love. Soon you will become a blubbering hermit, too scared to show your heartbreak to the crew you were once so eager to be a part of.

To disboey this rule, is to enter a world of pain.
Remember the words
Don't screw the crew.

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