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0.3: the friend girl

we've touched on (we're the only ones touchin on her if you know what i mean) the fg before and it's time we explore her FA'REALS. so the friend girl is a cool/funny/neverhasabf/neverhasguysintoher girl, she's the one that the guys she crushes will go to to have a mass winge or gross froth : "faaark why doesn't (insert non fg here) like me.. she's so hot and slutty and vaginal." OR "fuck yeah so i was just grinding on her then we fucked and she was a dirty bitch honestly. loved that shit" - this conversation will end in "man/bro/dude (insert fg name here) you're just so cool, you're not like other girls, i can talk to about mean shit. you're (yeah wait for it, this bit sounds cool at first but not after 6th time) ONE OF THE BOYS". OHHHH DEAR GOD IT BURNS. It's so flippin MEAN being a fg, you feel hella cool and you see people for people not for the genitals. UNLESS it's the boy you crush who you're the fg to. this sucks, i understand cos all you wanna do is froth up on that shit and get nasty with your cuddling. but you can't! you have to be all yeah im a cool gal, who talks about shitting, and swears and itches her balls or whatever. it's lame and it sucks ass but nothing can be done. being an fg is no disease gurl, slutty chicks who can only get guys to notice them by showing their minge or getting their supre singlet on are secretly yearning for the kind of relationship you have with these guys. i think. that's what i tell myself anyway..

dear girl 0.3

being a fg is mean and way better than being the hoe on the side. but seriously, if you crush the guy that takes advantage of your fg-ness then you need to set shit straight and just be for real. "hey, shut up i don't care how wet she was. this is awkward and you're gross. let's talk about shitting" (when what you're really thinking is oh my god don't cry don't cry don't cry that he's totally LOOKING PAST THE AMAZINGNESS THAT IS YOU and going straight to the carnival girl, y'know, the one who just wants to ride all the rides no matter how full the ride is. yeah you know. she's probs caught lotsa nasty diseases from all those rides..) and really, you'll totally end up being with one of these people one day anyway. as for now, being friends means that you can have fun and not have to be scared that you'll break up, or you'll get pregnant, or have to worry what you look like in front of them.

ps. don't get drunk and get with them.
pps. don't get drunk and think fuck it, i'll just get with random people and do stupid meaningless shit cos no one likes me anyway. things WILL get awkward and no one likes a carnival girl.


  1. im sensing the next GIRLS 101 installment will be on the Carnival Girl, i love these! haha

  2. Love this new stuff. You're awesome. FG iscool. P.s. Write more often! Love getting new stuff!

  3. hey, thanks i'm glad you like it.. haha.

  4. self biography of yourself? seems so.

  5. indeed, how did you know? also, if that was supposed to be a bitchy comment. good try?